What Needs To Be Done To Improve The Market Share And Move Toward The International First-class?

- Jan 16, 2019-

Since the quality of domestic halogenated butyl rubber has been comparable to that of international giants, what needs to be done to improve the market share and move toward the international first-class? Industry experts said in an interview with China Chemical News that in order to reverse the dilemma In order to enlarge and strengthen domestic halogenated butyl rubber products, in policy, we hope to improve the implementation of butyl rubber export tax rebate rate and other policies as soon as possible; in scientific research, enterprises and institutions should strengthen the research and development of independent innovation technology; In terms of industry, the butyl rubber industry layout should be further optimized to cultivate core competitiveness, and to promote the joint research and development and healthy development of new materials upstream and downstream industries.

Adjust the export tax rebate rate as soon as possible

After repeated calls from associations and enterprises, on December 6, 2018, China Customs revised the “Classification Decision for Synthetic Rubber”, which will be classified into the original form according to the original irregular form of synthetic rubber, domestically produced halogenated butyl. Rubber is expected to be classified under the “primary shape” classification. However, industry experts said that there is still a distance to the implementation of this work, China's synthetic rubber enterprises look forward to implementation as soon as possible.