Yiyang Rubber Machinery Signed An Order For 100 Million Yuan In Thailand Vulcanizing Machine Project

- Jun 05, 2019-

In late May, Yiyang Rubber Plastic Machinery Group Co., Ltd. signed a contract with Lishizhong Tire Group Co., Ltd. in Thailand for over RMB 100 million. The subject matter is 65" tire vulcanizer.

Yao Hongjian, chairman and general manager of the company, attended the signing ceremony. This is another achievement that Yiyang Rubber Machinery has actively implemented in the “Blue Ocean Strategy”.

Facing the changes in the demand situation and the competitive environment of the tire industry and the rubber machinery industry, Yiyang Rubber Machinery has been based on domestic and international perspectives in recent years, actively implementing the “Blue Ocean Strategy”, opening up new markets and occupying market opportunities. The company actively researches customer needs in emerging markets such as Thailand, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Malaysia and other Southeast Asian tires, and expands its efforts in overseas markets such as Central Asia, the Middle East and Southeast Asia to fill the vacancy caused by weak demand in the domestic tire industry.