Yiyang Rubber Machinery Youth League Committee Held A Youth Symposium On Youth Heart To The Party

- May 10, 2019-

On the eve of May 1st, the Youth League Committee of Yiyang Rubber Plastic Machinery Group Co., Ltd. held a youth symposium on "Youth Heart to the Party's New Era of the Party" to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the "May 4th" Movement and the 97th anniversary of the Communist Youth League.

Yiyang Rubber Machinery Party Committee Secretary, Chairman and General Manager Yao Hongjian, Secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission Liu Menghui and members of the company's Youth League Committee, representatives of various league branch committees, winners of the May 1st Labor Medal of Hunan Province, party activists, probationary party representatives, youth representatives and Representatives of new recruits from the new three years attended the forum together.

At the symposium, representatives of the youth league members exchanged speeches on the issues of production, management, personal career planning and suggestions for the company's development from different angles, focusing on the theme of “Youth to the Party and the New Era of the Party”. Advising on the innovation and development of enterprises.

After the speeches of the youth league members, Liu Menghui and Yao Hongjian asked the youth league members to love the motherland and have lofty ideals. They also had a deep discussion on the development process of the enterprise and the overall relocation of the enterprise. I hope that the youth representatives of the group members will set an example in the future work. Guided by science supremacy and the "Top Ten Action Plan", we will unify our thinking, strengthen our convictions, base ourselves on our own jobs, innovate and create results, and become talents. We will soon become the backbone of corporate reform, development and stability.

After the symposium, the youth representatives of Yiyang Rubber Machinery Group collectively watched the May Fourth Memorial Conference.