Zhenan Technology Held A New Share Issuance Ceremony

- Apr 05, 2019-

On March 29, Yunnan Zhenan Shock Absorption Technology Co., Ltd. successfully landed in the domestic capital market. The IPO listing ceremony was held at the Shenzhen Stock Exchange. The stock was referred to as “Zhenan Technology” (300767) and the issue price was 19.19 yuan/share. After the opening, the increase was as high as 43.9%, and the price per share was 27.63 yuan.

Li Tao, chairman and general manager of the company, said that as the leading supplier of building isolation overall solutions, it will rely on the strength of the capital market, and will continue to work on the promotion and application of seismic isolation technology in China in the future, so that more houses can be adopted. Reduce the isolation technology, build the Noah's Ark in the earthquake, and let the people live in a safe house.

Approved by the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, the company's stock is listed on the GEM. The company has publicly issued 20 million shares, and the actual raised funds amounted to 31.668 million yuan. The raised funds will be fully invested in the “Technical Reconstruction of the Seismic Products Production Line” project. The project is completed and put into operation. After that, the new capacity will be about 60,000 sets/year.

In recent years, Zhenan Science and Technology has achieved rapid development. In 2018, the operating income was 459 million yuan. After the deduction, the net profit of the shareholders of the parent company was 110 million yuan.