Antioxidant MB 583-39-1

Antioxidant MB 583-39-1

Product Name: 2-Mercapto benzimidazole
Molecular Formula: C7H6N2S
Molecular Weight: 150.16
Gravity: 1.40-1.44
CAS NO.: 583-39-1
Package: 25kg/bag
Storage Life: 24months

Product Details

Antioxidant MB 583-39-1 MB


Antioxidant  Chemical  Name

2-Mercapto  benzimidazole

Molecular Formula  C7H6N2S
Molecular Structure  image001.png
Molecular Weight150.16
CAS NO.  583-39-1
Storage Life24 months




White or Light Yellow

Initial M.P. ℃≥


Loss on Drying %≤


Ash %≤


Residues(150μm) % ≤


P - phenylenediamine derivatives, this kind of anti - aging agent is widely used in the rubber industry.They can inhibit the ozone aging, fatigue aging, thermal oxygen aging and metal ion catalytic oxidation of rubber products.(e.g. UOP788).This kind of material has the special anti-static ozone aging, especially when there is no paraffin in the static ozone aging performance, and has a good inhibition of thermal oxygen aging.But there is a tendency to promote coke burning.

The combination of these substances with alkyl aryl p-phenylenediamine can effectively protect against ozone aging under static and dynamic conditions.In fact, dialkyl p - phenylenediamine is always used in conjunction with alkyl aryl p - phenylenediamine.Alkyl aryl p - phenylenediamine such as UOP588, 6PPD.This kind of material has outstanding protective effect to dynamic ozone ageing when be used with paraffin, also show outstanding protective effect to static ozone ageing, do not exist normally gush frost problem.The earliest variety 4010NA is still widely used.

6DDP is also commonly used as an anti-aging agent for these substances.Has its reason, it does not cause dermatitis, and other alkyl aryl para-phenylene diamine and dialkyl than para-phenylene diamine, its effect on processing safety, promote the charred tend to be small, with other alkyl aryl and alkyl than para-phenylene diamine, its volatile small, it is excellent stabilizer of SBR, and shows the characteristics of the antioxidants.When the substituents are all aryl groups, they are called p-phenylenediamines. Compared with alkyl aryl p-phenylenediamines, they have low price but low anti-ozone activity. Due to their slow migration speed, these substances have good durability and are effective antioxidants.They have the disadvantage that easy to spray is very low solubility in rubber, but it is very useful in CR because it can produce a good protective effect.And it will not cause the problem of promoting coke burning.


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