Rubber Accelerator TDEC

Rubber Accelerator TDEC

Chemical Name:
Tellurium diethyl dithiocarbamate
Molecular Formula: C20H40N4S8Te
Molecular Weight: 721
Gravity: 1.48
CAS NO.: 20941-65-5
Package: 25kg/bag
Storage Life: 12 months

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Chemical Name

Tellurium diethyl dithiocarbamate

Molecular Formula


Molecular Structure


Molecular Weight








1. aging agent rubber molecules with oxygen, ozone oxidation reaction, the structure of rubber was destroyed, so that the mechanical properties of the products reduced, shortened service life, this phenomenon is called the aging of rubber.Light and heat promote oxidation, which accelerates ageing.Add in the rubber can resist, slow down the aging of rubber products, called the aging agent.There are two types of anti-aging agents: physical and chemical.Physical anti - aging agents are paraffin, wax, wax and stearic acid, etc.These materials can form a film on the surface of rubber products, prevent oxygen oxidation with rubber molecules, but also can block the light.Chemical anti-aging agents react with oxygen more easily than rubber.Adding chemical anti-aging agent in the rubber material can make the oxygen into the colloid react with the anti-aging agent first and reduce the contact between oxygen and rubber, which can effectively delay the aging.According to the molecular structure, chemical anti-aging agents can be divided into amine, ketone amine, aldehyde amine, phenol and other categories.It has antiaging agent A (N- phenyl - alpha - naphthylamine), antiaging agent D (N- phenyl - beta - naphthylamine) and so on.

2. reinforcing filler filler filler used to improve the strength of vulcanized rubber, rubber wear resistance, tear resistance and elasticity.The reinforcing filler is mainly carbon black.There are 52 kinds of carbon black used in rubber industry. It is an important raw material in rubber industry.

3.softener softener is the main function is to make a variety of coordination agents can be evenly dispersed in the rubber, in order to reduce the energy consumption of rubber materials in processing and shorten the processing time.For example, before vulcanization can enhance the viscosity of the material, after vulcanization to enhance the adhesion, is conducive to rolling and extrusion molding.Some softeners also give vulcanizates special properties, such as dibutyl phthalate, which improves the cold resistance of rubber.The commonly used softeners are mechanical oil, petroleum jelly, paraffin, asphalt, coal tar, stearic acid and rosin, etc.

4.colorant colorant is the material that causes the coloring of rubber products.Inorganic colorant is inorganic pigment, white to titanium dioxide as the best, red iron oxide, iron red, antimony red, yellow chrome yellow, blue has a group of green, green chromium oxide, black oil black.Organic colorants are organic pigments and certain dyes. Most of these colorants are barium or calcium salts of organic compounds, such as red with lithol red, yellow with hanseatic G, green with phthalic green, blue with phthalic blue.

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