Rubber Accelerator ZDMC

Rubber Accelerator ZDMC

Chemical Name:
Zinc dimethyl dithiocarbamate
Molecular Formula: C6H12N2S4Zn
Molecular Weight: 305.82
Gravity: 1.66
CAS NO.: 137-30-4
Package: 25kg/bag
Storage Life: 24 months

Product Details



Chemical Name

Zinc dimethyl dithiocarbamate

Molecular Formula


Molecular Structure

MF 137-30-4.png

Molecular Weight








It can be used as a fungicide and insecticide, as well as a natural rubber, synthetic rubber and latex accelerator.

1. This product is used as a general accelerator for natural rubber, synthetic rubber and latex. It is especially suitable for butyl rubber and nitrile rubber, and also for EPDM rubber. The vulcanization temperature is about 100 ° C, and the activity is similar to the promoter TMTD, but the activity is strong at low temperature, the scorch tendency is large, and early vulcanization is easily caused during kneading. This product has activating effect on thiazoles and sulfenamide accelerators and can be used as a second accelerator. When used in combination with the accelerator DM, the anti-scorch performance is also increased as the amount of DM is increased. This product is slow to vulcanize when used alone in latex and is usually used in combination with other accelerators. This product is easy to disperse in rubber and is suitable for light and brilliant products. Mainly used in latex products, also used in self-vulcanized glue, tape, cold vulcanized products. In the United States, PZ has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for use in rubber products for food. The amount of the rubber compound is generally 0.3 to 1.5 parts.

2. Protective fungicides. It has the inhibitory and preventive effects on various fungi causing diseases, and has the effects of stimulating growth and promoting precocity. For controlling rice blast, seedling disease, wheat rust, powdery mildew, potato late blight, black spot, cucumber, cabbage, cabbage downy mildew, tomato anthracnose, early blight, melon anthracnose, tobacco Disease, apple flower rot, anthracnose, black spot disease, brown spot disease, grape powdery mildew, anthracnose, pear black spot disease, citrus canker disease, scab disease, etc. It is generally treated with 65% wettable powder 300~500 times. Spraying before or during the onset has a preventive effect. It is sprayed once every 5~7 days during the onset period, 2 to 4 times in a row. According to different diseases, the amount of medication and the number of medications are different.

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