N-Tertiarybutyl-2-benzothiazole Sulfonamide NS (TBBS)

N-Tertiarybutyl-2-benzothiazole Sulfonamide NS (TBBS)

Chemical Name:
N-Tertiarybutyl-2-benzothiazole sulfonamide
Molecular Formula: C11H14N2S2
Molecular Weight: 238.37
Gravity: 1.26-1.32
CAS NO.: 95-31-8
Package: 25kg/bag
Storage Life: 12months

Product Details



Accelerator Chemical Name

N-Tertiarybutyl-2-benzothiazole  sulfonamide

Molecular Formula


Molecular Structureimage001.png
Molecular Weight238.37
CAS NO.95-31-8
Package 25kg/bag
Storage Life12 months



Production Method:

Here is a method for producing a rubber vulcanization accelerator NS by a solvent method, which is characterized in that a mixture of methanol and tert-butylamine in a volume ratio of 0.6 to 0.8:1 is added to an oxidation vessel at a temperature of 30-60 ° C and a rotation speed of 800 rpm. At a flow rate of 2 ml/min, a slurry of mass ratio 1:1 accelerator M:methanol was added at a flow rate of 2 ml/min; while sodium hypochlorite having a mass content of 12-18% was added dropwise to the solution at a flow rate of 1 ml/min. After 90 minutes, the solution was sampled and observed. The end point of the reaction was judged by the starch potassium iodide test paper. When the test paper turned black, the sodium chlorate was stopped and the methanol was started to be distilled. The product was filtered, washed, filtered and dried to obtain a rubber accelerator NS. product. The method is simple in process, replacing methanol with water, so that the wastewater produced by the process is reduced by more than 80%. The process is easy to industrialize, uses less t-butylamine, and the yield of the promoter NS reaches 99% or more.