Rubber Accelerator TETD(TET)

Rubber Accelerator TETD(TET)

Chemical Name:
Tetraethyl thiuram disulfide
Molecular Formula: C10H20N2S4
Molecular Weight: 296.5
CAS NO.: ​97-77-8
Package: 25kg/bag
Storage Life: 12months

Product Details


Sunnyjoint TETD(TET)

Accelerator Chemical Name

Tetraethyl thiuram disulfide

Molecular Formula


Molecular Structureimage001.png
Molecular Weight


CAS NO.97-77-8



(1) vulcanization agent can make rubber molecular chain crosslinking reaction of chemicals, called vulcanization agent.In the early stage, sulfur was added to raw rubber. Under the action of heat, linear rubber molecules were cross-linked with each other to form a network structure, so as to increase the strength of rubber and improve its elasticity and fusion-resistance.This process is often called vulcanization.Vulcanization is an important step to improve the quality of rubber products in rubber processing.Sulfur is the most widely used vulcanizing agent.Some sulfur-containing organic compounds, peroxides, metal oxides can also be used as vulcanizing agents.These non - sulfur compounds are also conventionally known as sulfurizers.

(2) vulcanization accelerator vulcanization accelerator when heated can be decomposed into active molecules, to promote sulfur and rubber molecules in a low temperature quickly crosslinking, improve the vulcanization of rubber, shorten the vulcanization time, reduce the amount of sulfur, is conducive to improving the physical and mechanical properties of rubber. Accelerator DM (disulfide dibenzothiazole), accelerator TMTD (disulfide tetramethylthiolam) and so on.More commonly used are organic accelerators.A mixture of accelerators is more effective than its use alone.

(3) promotion agent promotion agent is also called active agent.It can enhance the activation of vulcanization accelerator and improve the vulcanization effect of rubber.The commonly used promoters are zinc oxide and stearic acid.