Rubber Accelerator TT 137-26-8

Rubber Accelerator TT 137-26-8

Chemical Name:
Tetramethyl thiuram disulfide
Molecular Formula: C6H12N2S4
Molecular Weight: 240.41
Gravity: 1.29
CAS NO.: 137-26-8
Package: 25kg/bag
Storage Life: 24 months

Product Details



Accelerator Chemical Name

Tetramethyl  thiuram disulfide

Molecular Formula


Molecular Structureimage001.png
Molecular Weight


CAS NO.137-26-8
Package 25kg/bag
Storage Life24 months





TMTD is used as a primary or secondary (super) accelerator when used in combination with thiazoles, sulfenamides, and the like. TMTD can also be used as a vulcanizing agent (sulfur donor) in most sulfur vulcanized elastomers.


1.TMTD is mainly used in the manufacture of industrial products such as tires, inner tubes, rubber shoes and cables.

It is used as a fungicide and insecticide in agriculture and can also be used as a lubricant additive.

This product is used as a super accelerator for natural rubber, synthetic rubber and latex. It is often used in combination with a thiazole accelerator, and can also be used as a promoter for a continuous compound in combination with other accelerators.

2. Because it dissolves free sulfur slowly above 100 °C, it can be used as a vulcanizing agent. TMTD is rapidly vulcanized in sulfur-free and effective vulcanization systems and provides excellent vulcanization flatness with good resistance to heat aging and compression set. The aging resistance and heat resistance of the product are excellent.

In the use of ETU sulfided thiol modified CR, TMTD is used as a scorch retarder and does not change the vulcanization rate. In view of dispersibility, it is recommended to use TMTD powder instead of crystalline powder in soft rubber.

3.TMTD is non-polluting and does not cause discoloration. Good color retention in carbon black vulcanizates.

It should be noted that the reaction of TMTD with dimethylamine produces a decomposition product, N-nitrosodimethylamine, which contains a nitrosylated material (nitrogen oxide).