Antioxidant BLE POWDER

Antioxidant BLE POWDER

Product Name: 2-Propanone diphenylamine
Molecular Formula: C15H15N
Molecular Weight: 209.32
Appearance: Dark-brown,free-flowing powder
CAS NO.: 68412-48-6
Package: 25kg/bag
Storage Life: 12months

Product Details

SUNNYJOINT Antioxidant BLE 68412-48-6


Chemical Name2-Propanone diphenylamine
Molecular FormulaC15H15N
Molecular Weight209.32
CAS NO.68412-48-6
Storage Life12months


BLE 68412-48-6

Product Show:


Amine anti-aging agents are mainly used to inhibit thermal oxygen aging, ozone aging, fatigue aging and catalytic oxidation of heavy metal ions.Its disadvantage is pollution, which can be further divided into:

A, phenylnaphthylamine, such as anti-a or anti-a, anti-aging agent J or D,PBNA is the oldest anti-aging agent, mainly used to inhibit thermal oxygen aging and fatigue aging, because of the toxicity of the reason, this kind of anti-aging in foreign countries has been rarely used.

B, ketone amine kind of aging agent, can give diene kind of rubber very good heat resistance oxygen aging performance, in some cases give very good flexor cracking resistance performance, but very little inhibition of metal ions catalytic oxidation and ozone aging function.The most commonly used variety is BLE.Anti - aging RD. Anti - aging AW not only has the function of an antioxidant, but often used as an anti - odor oxygen agent.

C. Diphenylamine derivatives, which are equivalent to or less effective than dihydroquinoline polymers in inhibiting thermal aging, are equivalent to DD when used as antioxidants.But the protective effect on fatigue aging is lower than the latter.


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