Rubber Antioxidant PAN D

Chemical Name:
Molecular Formula: C16H13N
Molecular Weight: 219.3
Gravity: 1.18
CAS NO.: 135-88-6
Package: 25kg/bag
Storage Life: 12months

Product Details

Rubber Antioxidant D 135-88-6


Chemical  Name


Molecular Formula  C16H13N
Molecular Structure  image001.png
Molecular Weight219.3
CAS NO.  135-88-6
Storage Life12 months




Light Gray or Brown Powder

Soften Point ℃≥


Loss on Drying %≤


Ash %≤


Residues(150μm) % ≤


Magnet Object Content% ≤


Phenyl Amine Content

No blue and purple reaction

The effects of anti-aging agents mainly include internal factors and external factors: the internal factors are the molecular structure, volatility and oxidation resistance of rubber raw materials.External factors mainly include the structure of rubber raw materials and the use of external environment interference.The following is a brief analysis from three aspects: the structure, the loss rate and the concentration of the anti-aging agent.

Structure of anti-aging agent

The anti - aging agent can delay the aging speed of rubber.Substituent group can obviously reduce the energy of hydrogen free group, when the electronic gene and electronegativity of substituent group is small, it can enhance the anti-aging effect of anti-aging agent.When the electron gene and electronegativity of the substituent group are large, the energy of hydrogen free group can be increased, and the anti-aging ability of the anti-aging agent can be reduced.Related studies show that the dissociation of n-h bond plays an important role in the aging rate of rubber in amine antiaging agents.When the molecular chain contains an anti-aging agent that can reduce n-h bond substituents, it can delay the oxidation reaction of rubber by controlling the oxygen absorption of rubber raw materials in the aging process of rubber products.


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