Rubber Antioxidant 4020

Rubber Antioxidant 4020

Chemical Name:
N-(1,3-dimethylbutyl)-N’-phenyl-p-phenylene diamine
Molecular Formula: C18H24N2
Molecular Weight: 268.41
Gravity: 0.986-1.00
CAS NO.: 793-24-8
Package: 25kg/bag
Storage Life: 12months

Product Details

SUNNYJOINT Antioxidant 6PPD(4020)


Antioxidant    Chemical  Name

N-(1,3-dimethylbutyl)-N’-phenyl-p-phenylene diamine

Molecular Formula  C18H24N2
Molecular Structure  image001.png
Molecular Weight268.41
CAS NO.  793-24-8
Storage Life12 months




Dark Gray

 Melting Point ℃≥


Ash %≤


Loss on Drying %≤



Application of Anti-Aging Agent 6PPD (4020)

1.When the dosage of 1,4020 is 1-3 parts, the rubber compound has anti-ozone, anti-flexing and anti-fatigue properties.

2. The dosage of 4020 is increased, and the rubber compound protection ability is strengthened. In order to achieve the best static performance of the compound, you can choose to use the mixed wax corresponding to the temperature range and use it in the formulation. It can also be used alone as an antioxidant.

3, 4020 when used in 0.5 parts, has the best anti-oxidation performance, increasing the amount will reduce the anti-oxidation effect, but will improve the anti-ozone, anti-flex and anti-fatigue properties.

4, 4020 is generally used in an amount of 0.5-1.5 parts, and the maximum amount is 3 parts. Antioxidant 4020 has little effect on the vulcanization characteristics of the rubber compound. When the product is higher than 2.5 parts, it has a slight adverse effect on the tensile strength of the vulcanizate.

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