Antioxidant SP LIQUID

Antioxidant SP LIQUID

Molecular Formula: C22H22O
Molecular Weight: 302(n=2)
Gravity: 1.07-1.09
CAS NO.: 61788-44-1
Package: 200kg/drum
Storage Life: 12 months

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Chemical  Name


Molecular Formula C22H22O
Molecular Structure  image001.gif
Molecular Weight302(n=2)
CAS NO.  61788-44-1



All kinds of amine anti - aging agents are contaminated, can not be used in light color products.When no pollution or low pollution anti-aging agent is needed, phenols, alkylated diphenylamines or 2-mercapto benzimidazole (anti-aging agent MB) can be selected.The dosage of anti - aging agent is usually 1 ~ 2.5.In recent years, many countries attach importance to the research and development of reactive anti-aging agents, which have outstanding durability.

The purpose of softener is to improve the plasticity, reduce the viscosity and improve the dispersion of other additives.In the rubber industry, softeners also include a wide range of non-solvent softeners, such as petroleum softeners, petroleum resins, cumarone resins, pine tar and natural oil sulfides.The composition of petroleum softeners varies with the nature of crude oil and the classification method is very complicated.Petroleum softeners are mainly used in the production of oil-filled styrene butadiene rubber, which accounts for about three-quarters of the use of petroleum softeners.

Plasticizers, which give the rubber materials softness and good processing properties, are often used with low-volatile liquid or low-soluble solid with good solubility with rubber, such as phthalates, aliphatic dibasic acid esters and low-molecular weight liquid polymers.

Plasticizer and regeneration activator can enhance plasticizing effect and shorten plasticizing time.Plasticizer is actually a catalyst for the oxidation and degradation of rubber polymer chain, so it can also promote the chain breaking of vulcanized rubber, so it is used as a regeneration activator in the production of recycled rubber.Aromatic mercaptan derivatives and aromatic disulphides are the main types of plasticizers and regenerating activators.

In addition to vulcanizing agent, accelerator, vulcanizing active agent and anti-aging agent similar to dry gum processing, some additives for improving the processing performance of latex are also needed in the production of latex special additives, such as dispersant, emulsifier, wetting agent, thickening agent, coagulant, anti-foaming agent and thermal sensitizer.