Aulcanizing Agent IS 9035-99-8

Aulcanizing Agent IS 9035-99-8

Chemical Name: Insoluble Sulfur
Molecular Formula: S
CAS NO.: 9035-99-8
Package: 25kg/bag
Storage Life: 12months

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Vulcanizing Agent 
Chemical Name

Insoluble Sulfur

Molecular Formula




Package 25kg/bag
Storage Life12 months



Insoluble sulfur (IS) is sulfur which is insoluble in carbon disulfide and is a linear polymeric sulfur having a molecular weight of between 100,000 and 300,000. Industrial products are a mixture of insoluble sulfur and soluble sulfur. Compared with ordinary sulfur, it has the advantages of no frosting, thickening, reducing scorch and prolonging the storage time of rubber. It is the best vulcanizing agent in the rubber industry. For steel wire radial tires and rubber products such as cables and seals. In foreign countries, the use of insoluble sulfur in the rubber industry has accounted for 40%-60% of the total sulfur consumption, and it is increasing. In China, with the development of highways and automobile industry, rubber tire factories are also competing to introduce and develop radial tire production lines, which will increase the demand for insoluble sulfur.

Insoluble sulfur, which is mainly used as a high-level accelerator and vulcanizing agent in the rubber industry, and is widely used in the manufacture of tires and other rubber composite products, such as tire carcass rubber, buffer rubber, white tire rubber and The rubber, such as tires, hoses and tapes, which are bonded to the skeleton material, can also be used in rubber materials such as cables, rubber rollers, oil seals, rubber shoes, etc., and also in light-colored rubber products with a large amount of sulfur. Insoluble sulfur can make the meridian, steel wire and rubber stick more firmly, effectively prevent the rubber from blooming, and improve the heat resistance and wear resistance of the tire. Therefore, insoluble sulfur is an essential raw material in tire production.

At present, sulfur is used as a vulcanizing agent in the rubber industry. As a variant of sulfur (S), insoluble sulfur (IS) is widely used in tires, rubber shoes, hoses, tapes and sundries at home and abroad. Manufactured and commonly used in the bonding of rubber and steel wire.

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