Insoluble Sulfur 9035-99-8

Insoluble Sulfur 9035-99-8

Chemical Name: Insoluble Sulfur
Molecular Formula: S
CAS NO.: 9035-99-8
Package: 25kg/bag
Storage Life: 12months

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Vulcanizing Agent 
Chemical Name

Insoluble Sulfur

Molecular Formula




Package 25kg/bag
Storage Life12 months



Where in the rubber can accelerate the vulcanization reaction speed, shorten the vulcanization time, reduce the vulcanization temperature, reduce the amount of vulcanization agent, and can improve the physical and mechanical properties of vulcanized rubber materials collectively referred to as vulcanization accelerator, referred to as accelerator.

The accelerator can also improve the vulcanization production efficiency and vulcanized rubber quality, make the vulcanization degree of thick products even, and reduce the product cost.

There are many kinds of promoters used in rubber industry, which can be divided into two categories according to their chemical composition and properties, inorganic promoters and organic promoters.At present, with the exception of individual cases, organic accelerators are widely used.Due to its large promotion effect, good vulcanization characteristics, vulcanized rubber physical and mechanical properties, the rapid development of a wide variety.

According to the chemical structure of promoters, they are usually divided into 8 categories: thiazole, thiolam, sulfonamide, guanidine, dithiocarbamate, aldose amine, xanthate and thiourea.

The accelerant M can be divided into super overspeed grade, overspeed grade, quasi-overspeed grade, medium overspeed grade and slow overspeed grade.The international habit to promote M (mercapto benzothiazole) as the standard, where the curing speed faster than M belongs to the overspeed or overspeed grade, the curing speed is lower than M belongs to the medium or slow speed grade, the curing speed is equal to or close to M belongs to the quasi-overspeed grade.Natural rubber and most synthetic rubber promoters use this classification.

Promoters can be classified according to the acid or alkaline, where itself is acidic or hydrogen sulfide reaction after the generation of acidic products for acid promoters, such as thiazole class, thiolam class, dithiocarbamate and xanthate;Basic accelerators, such as guanides, aldose amines and amines, are those that are basic in nature or are the products of reaction with hydrogen sulfide.The neutral promoters, such as sulfonamides and thioureas, were found to be neutral in both conditions.This kind of classification is often used in the case of production or the use of promoters.

In the system of combination of accelerators, one of them should be the main one, called the main accelerant, also called the first accelerant, and the other one or two are auxiliary, called the secondary accelerant, also called the second and third accelerant.

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