Rubber Anti-reversion Agent PK900

Rubber Anti-reversion Agent PK900

Chemical Name:
1,3-bis(citraconimidomenthyl) benzene
Molecular Formula: C18H16O4N2
Molecular Weight: 324
CAS NO.: 119462-56-5
Package: 25kg/bag
Storage Life: 12months

Product Details

SUNNYJOINT Anti-reversion Agent PK900


Chemical Name1,3-bis(citraconimidomenthyl) benzene
Other namevulcanizing agent PK900
Molecular Structure
Molecular FormulaC18H16O4N2
Molecular Weight324
CAS NO.119462-56-5
StorageStored in a cool,dry,well-ventilated place.Avoid  directly explore to  sunlight
PackageIn 25kg sunnyjoint packing


AppearanceNearly white powder or granule
Melting point,initial  ℃≥75
Melting range,final  ℃80-90
Ash  %≦0.3
Heating loss  %≦0.5


Nitrile butadiene rubber (NBR) vulcanized with isopropyl peroxide (DCP) has good heat resistance, solvent resistance and elasticity, but in order to further improve these properties, commonly used sulfur, triallyl tricyanate and N, n-m-phenylene bimalaimide (hva-2) as DCP assistant crosslinking agent.Methyl phenyl double between N, N '- (3 - methyl maleic imide) (hereinafter referred to as PK 900) is a kind of effect is very good resistance to sulfide to return the original agent, when in the natural rubber (NR) helps the crosslinking agent, it can participate in the crosslinking reaction, forming a long, soft carbon carbon crosslinked bond, inhibit the occurrence of sulfide to return the original and make the NR vulcanizates low heat generating and retention high modulus and excellent fatigue resistance.PK900 has a similar molecular structure with hva-2. As the two double bonds in PK900 are further apart, the carbon chain formed by its participation in cross-linking is longer and more pliable.

PK900 as DCP assistant crosslinking agent can improve the crosslinking density of NBR vulcanizate.

PK900 can improve the heat resistance and swelling resistance of NBR vulcanizate.

The addition of PK900 decreased the physical and mechanical properties of NBR vulcanizate slightly, but the effect was not significant.