Rubber Vulcanising Agent DTDM 103-34-4

Rubber Vulcanising Agent DTDM 103-34-4

Chemical Name:
Molecular Formula: C8H16N2O2S2
Molecular Weight: 236.36
Gravity: 1.32-1.38
CAS NO.: 103-34-4
Package: 25kg/bag
Storage Life: 6 months

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Chemical Name4,4’-dithiodimorpholine
Molecular Formula C8H16N2O2S2
Molecular Structure  image001.jpg
Molecular Weight236.36
CAS NO.  103-34-4
Package 25kg/bag
Storage Life6 months




Vulcanizates with ordinary vulcanization system have higher tensile strength, good fatigue resistance, but poor heat and aging resistance.The vulcanizates with effective vulcanization system have better heat resistance and aging resistance, but lower tensile strength and poor fatigue resistance.The semi-effective curing system can make the proportion of single sulfur bond and multi-sulfur bond in the vulcanized rubber moderate, so that the tensile strength and fatigue resistance of the vulcanized rubber balance, heat resistance and aging resistance is also good.Vulcanizing agent DTDM, also known as 4,4' -dithio dimorpholine, is a kind of sulfur feedstock widely used in semi-effective vulcanizing system, which can release single sulfur or disulfide free radicals. When vulcanizing rubber, it mainly forms single sulfur bond or double sulfur bond, and the vulcanizing rubber has good thermal and oxygen aging resistance.Therefore, DTDM effective curing system or semi-effective curing system can adapt to the demanding requirements of high temperature curing.Because the sulfur in DTDM is combined sulfur, it can avoid the problem of product "frosting" caused by excessive coordination.In addition,DTDM can also decompose morpholine free radicals with secondary amines in the process of chemical reactions. Such free radicals not only have the heat resistance and oxidation resistance of amine anti-aging agents, but also can delay the coking.So it becomes a kind of important sulfide system.

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