Rubber Vulcanizing Agent CLD

Rubber Vulcanizing Agent CLD

Chemical Name:Dithiocaprolactame
Molecular Formula: C12H20N2O2S2
Molecular Weight: 390.41
CAS NO.: 23847-08-7
Package: 25kg/bag
Storage Life: 6 months

Product Details

Vulcanizing Agent DTDC


Chemical Name


Molecular Formula C12H20N2O2S2
Molecular Structure  image001.jpg
Molecular Weight390.41
CAS NO.  23847-08-7



White or light yellow powder

Initial M.P. ℃≥


Loss on Drying %≤


Ash %≤


Residues(150μm) % ≤


Storage Life6 month

It is not easy to produce nitrosamines. Instead of vulcanizing agent DTDM, the super speed grade can partially or completely replace sulfur; it is easy to disperse, does not spray, safely burns, and has a fast vulcanization speed.

The vulcanizing agent CLD can be used in many places in our life. Generally speaking, the chemical substances that can help the rubber to vulcanize are called vulcanizing agents. In some specific places, it is not necessary. Today we will come. Talk about the role of the curing agent CLD.

The most effective function of the vulcanizing agent is to prevent vulcanization and reversion, improve heat resistance and lower temperature. The product has anti-aging property, which can improve the adhesion between rubber and cord and the modulus of vulcanization. It can be used in the rubber of shoulder rubber and buffer layer of load tires to solve the shoulder-space problem of skew truck tires. It can also be used for large-size thick products of natural rubber and various rubber sundries.

Also common with the vulcanizing agent CLD is a vulcanization accelerator. The combination of the two can accelerate the vulcanization reaction speed, shorten the vulcanization time, lower the vulcanization temperature, reduce the use amount of the vulcanizing agent, and reduce the cost. At the same time, it can improve or improve the physical and mechanical properties of vulcanizates.

Finally, I would like to remind everyone that after cleaning the vulcanizing agent, it is necessary to do the cleaning work because the curing agent CLD is toxic. People who have been exposed to vulcanizing agents for a long time should be protected and have regular physical examinations.

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