Rubber Vulcanizing Agent DTDC

Rubber Vulcanizing Agent DTDC

Chemical Name:Dithiocaprolactame
Molecular Formula: C12H20N2O2S2
Molecular Weight: 390.41
CAS NO.: 23847-08-7
Package: 25kg/bag
Storage Life: 6 months

Product Details

Vulcanizing Agent DTDC


Chemical Name


Molecular Formula C12H20N2O2S2
Molecular Structure  image001.jpg
Molecular Weight390.41
CAS NO.  23847-08-7



White or light yellow powder

Initial M.P. ℃≥


Loss on Drying %≤


Ash %≤


Residues(150μm) % ≤


Storage Life6 month

Guanidine accelerator is the largest basic accelerator.It is a medium speed accelerator for natural rubber and synthetic rubber.When using guanidine accelerator alone, the vulcanization starts late, the operation safety is great, the storage stability of the mixed rubber is good, but the vulcanization speed is slow (it is 1 times slower than sulfonamide accelerator).Guanidine accelerator vulcanizate is the biggest characteristic of high degree of vulcanization, resulting in high hardness, high tensile stress.[1]

However, due to the existence of a large number of polysulfide bonds and more cyclic compounds in the vulcanizates, the vulcanizates have poor heat resistance, cracking and compression deformation.In addition, this kind of accelerator has discoloration and pollution, not suitable for white products.Because vulcanization speed is slow, heat resisting ageing is poor, so guanidine kind stimulant is not used alone commonly, and the 2nd stimulant that serves as thiazole kind, second sulfonamide kind.When used together, the activation effect is particularly strong, used in the production of rubber board, sole, bicycle tyre, industrial products, thick products and hard rubber products, the glue material with guanidine as the second promoter is suitable for all vulcanization methods.However, when used as a first accelerator, it is so late in vulcanization that it is generally not suitable for hot air vulcanization.

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