Rubber Vulcanizing Agent IS

Chemical Name: Insoluble Sulfur
Molecular Formula: S
CAS NO.: 9035-99-8
Package: 25kg/bag
Storage Life: 12months

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Vulcanizing Agent 
Chemical Name

Insoluble Sulfur

Molecular Formula




Package 25kg/bag
Storage Life12 months



The sulfur powder that sells on the market, have 200 mesh and 300 mesh cent.300 mesh particles are fine and people tend to like to use them because of their good dispersion.But whether this is true depends on experiments.

In the experiment, we plasticized the NR with 100 mass parts (try to use as a tablet gum or SM RSL), and added 3 mass parts of sulfur to the plasticizer.Then the compound is put into the test mill and the roll distance is adjusted to the minimum state.When the film wrapped in the front roller is cut, the film shrinks, leaving no apparent good film.To this end, you can stop the rubber mixing machine, on the film wrapped in front of the roll on a sheet of about 10 cm square celloprine, and then cut the film, this can prevent the film shrinkage, made into a microscope sample, if you use about 400 times the magnification of the microscope can be observed sulfur particles.According to the cost performance of 300 mesh sulfur, the author believes that 200 mesh sulfur can meet the requirements for most USES of rubber products.

More than 30 years ago, the raw material of sulfur powder for rubber was sulfur collected from sulfur mines, which is collectively known as mineral sulfur.Almost all of the sulfur used today is recovered from petroleum refining.The recovered sulfur is difficult to crush because the crystalline particles are small and hard.Because the sulfur powder recovered from sulfur is easy to agglomerate, it is necessary to add trace anti-stick agent.In addition, there is a sulfur coating for tire factories with 3% operating oil.