Anti-reversion Agent PK900 119462-56-5

Anti-reversion Agent PK900 119462-56-5

Chemical Name:
1,3-bis(citraconimidomenthyl) benzene
Molecular Formula: C18H16O4N2
Molecular Weight: 324
CAS NO.: 119462-56-5
Package: 25kg/bag
Storage Life: 12months

Product Details

SUNNYJOINT Anti-reversion Agent PK900


Chemical Name1,3-bis(citraconimidomenthyl) benzene
Other namevulcanizing agent PK900
Molecular Structure
Molecular FormulaC18H16O4N2
Molecular Weight324
CAS NO.119462-56-5
StorageStored in a cool,dry,well-ventilated place.Avoid  directly explore to  sunlight
PackageIn 25kg sunnyjoint packing


AppearanceNearly white powder or granule
Melting point,initial  ℃≥75
Melting range,final  ℃80-90
Ash  %≦0.3
Heating loss  %≦0.5


Product Show:

Sunnyjoint PK900 is an antireversion agent which provides long term heat stability in sulfur vulcanized conpounds by substituting stable, flexible carboncarbon crosslinks for the sulfur crosslinks that are destroyed by reversion in the mold or during product service life. It is used in most sulfur vulcanized polymers such as NR,IR,SBR,BR or blends to provide improved reversion resistance on overcure. It is used to allow the use of higher curing temperature for improved productivity without sacrificing performance properties. 

IT's not reactive during the initial stages of vulcanization. Scorch and cure time are therefore not affected, thus to be added without making other compound or process modifications. The dosage level of SunnyjointPK900  needs to be a optimized based on the expected degree of reversion.

The recommended dosages:

Efficient cure systems:

≦0.4 phr;Semiefficient cure systems≦0.5 phr; 

Conventional cure systems: ≦0.75 phr;High sulfrcompounds: ≦0.75 phr


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